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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

M1 - The New King in Making in Kanha

                M1 - The New King in Making

Kanha tiger reserve has almost 90+ Tigers with Munna (CAT) at the forefront being the most famous tiger of all in present times. Tigers come and go, some are able to craft their territory within the forests of Kanha and some have to look for safe home elsewhere.

Cubs of T8 - Mundidadar female, Jan 2017

T 8 also known as Mundidadar female had 4 cubs, all male who have spread over different areas of Kanha after leaving their mother. Of these 2 are often sighted in tourism area and 2 rarely. I had seen them with their mother last season on 5th of January 2017. It was one of the best sighting for me that season. This year T8 (Mundidadar) has rarely been sighted and we are expecting she has given another litter.

Cubs of T 8, playing, Jan 2018

This season I could spot M1, one of the 4 cubs of T8 on couple of occasions and here are a couple of photographs for all to see and enjoy. He is a bold but elusive male, remains around when seen, but is rarely spotted.

M1, the bold one
We are expecting him to settle down somewhere within the core area itself but he has severe competition. Only time will tell if he is strong enough to carve out a territory for himself or is thrown out by other more experienced tigers.

M1, cub of T8, is trying to carve his territory
Hopefully we will continue seeing him in Kanha for long time to come.