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Copyright Policy:

All articles, information and photographs published on the blog site is copyright to author or respective person / organisation. Any use of material without due permission will be treated as infringement of copyright and liable for legal action.

Comment Policy:

We welcome comments, they may be positive or critical but keep in mind all comments are moderated. Comments using bad, hateful or attacking language will be edited or deleted. A single relevant link can be given in your comment; any irrelevant link will be deleted. Any comment having potential spam will be deleted. Blog author reserves the right to edit or delete any remark which is offensive, off-topic, spam or not suitable.

Privacy Policy:

Privacy is important for all of us and I respect your privacy; Excepting where it is required for legal purpose or when it can help in legal process we do not share email id or personal information with anyone.

Terms and Conditions of use:

All material published are either personal experience of the author or as told to him by an experienced person and believed to be true. Author does not take responsibility for any loss or damage caused by using the published information. In case of any loss or damage of any kind be it to individual or property author / owner of blog site cannot be held responsible in any way. With time things change, you are requested to verify any information relevant to you for your use. Author is in no way accountable for content in comment and links given by other people. Use any links at your own risk, author will not be responsible for content in other sites.

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