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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Camping at Kanha national park

Camping in the buffer forest of Kanha National Park

Camping – just the word itself excites most nature lovers and adventurous travelers. Spending time outdoors in the lap of nature in a small camping tent is one recreational activity which has caught up with youth of all socioeconomic classes. Today many sites have been especially developed for camping enthusiasts and accommodate both recreational and corporate guests.

Camping at Kanha National Park

Madhya Pradesh in Central India is one state which has on offer many such beautiful sites where you can do outdoor camping. In recent years the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Board has been promoting these sites which have been especially developed for campers and have all required amenities. At many places they are providing camping sites adjacent to private resorts or at their own facilities so that campers can stay and enjoy their camping trips. This has caught up with serious campers as well as business organizations that are using these sites for team building activities and leisure.

Camping tent

With perfect mix of wilderness and comfort these sites have been developed at destinations with natural heritage like mountains, rivers, forests and water bodies. They offer an ideal place to relax and indulge in activities giving a memorable experience which will call you back again and again.

Camping is for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts

One such camping site has been developed at Kanha National Park which is being managed by Kanha Village Eco Resort, famous for its authentic mud houses and tribal village ambiance. Looking over dense forest at one side it is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. Away from the noise and pollution of city you can just relax or do adventure activities which include jungle safari, nature walks, medicinal plants identification walks, village visit, ethnic village food, cycling, star gazing, camp fire and host of other games which will keep you indulged full time. Corporate organizations are welcome to stay in mud houses or tents and special team building activities can be planned which will make your holiday at Kanha enjoyable and educational.

Camping tents at Kanha Village Eco Resort

Just imagine staying in a camping tent adjacent to forest which has Tiger, Leopard, Deer, Jackal, Fox and many other wild animals. Still, you are safe since site is secured and a constant watch is kept. You want to cook your own food or do Barbeque, no issues; they have a small kitchen in the camping site. You can just sit around the camp fire and enjoy your dinner listening to nature which is so peaceful. You can carry your own tent or ask them for one available on rent. You can also ask for a package which will include activities and food.

So, what is the adventure enthusiast in you waiting for?

Spotting a Tiger at Kanha national park

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Kanha National Park - a perfect destination for Corporate Team Building exercises


Team building activities have been promoted by many management gurus and rightly so, they are fun events which bring all employees together and create a bonding which is very helpful in progress of any organization. In today’s world when we face competition everywhere what can be the best strategy to move on, certainly the whole office, each and every staff member has to work as a team. Learning is a process that is continuous and we should never think that once our education is complete we have mastered everything. One thing which can help us the most is working as a team and this can be learnt with help of small activities.

Truthfulness, right attitude, smart working are just some other important aspects which can help us in moving ahead in our life with positivity. Here are some benefits of team building activities:

1. Communication

Team building exercises helps in better communication between departments and staff which helps them in completing tasks and solve problems in better way. It relaxes the working atmosphere, improves communication and synchronization which is very vital for any business. 

2. Productivity

A relaxed atmosphere and better communication means better productivity at all levels since duplication of work is reduced and help is always available from all.

3. Improved Morale

Better communication and synchronization of work breaks many barriers making everyone more enthusiastic thereby improving morale in the office.

4. Motivation

Once a bonding develops motivation and confidence improves ensuing better results which is good for everyone’s development.

5. Leadership Qualities

One of the biggest advantage is management can identify leaders and positive employees which can help them in promoting right people which is very important for development of any organization.

6. Creativity

In team building exercises people show their creativity and take initiative as well as find solutions which can have an amazing effect on the whole office and its working.

7. Increase in Confidence

When all the staff members know that they are a team, this increases confidence and helps them in better completion of tasks thereby leading to successful results.

8. Superior Mental Strength

When all employees know that they have full backing and support of all other staff members, this reduces stress which improves mental health and boosts your working and the effect is - better results. 

9. Responsibility 

Team building exercises makes everyone feel responsible, a key to success of any business.

10. Trust

When you know that the whole organization works as a group it improves trust between everyone which leads to better teamwork and improved work ethics.

11. Respect

Respect is one thing we all desire and this is one of the most valuable thing any employee gets when his creativity and other skills are acknowledged. 

12. Value and Vision

Team building can help us in better understanding of our organizations value and vision which further motivates the workforce and increases the productivity.

What can be better place than Kanha National Park where you can sit in the lap of nature away from noise and pollution of city and enjoy some nice fun filled moment with your staff members? Kanha Village Eco Resort can plan a perfect get to gather for your organization and incorporate some nice team building activities which will help your establishment grow. 

Here you can either stay in mud houses or camping tents as per your choice. Along with activities you can do jungle safari to spot tiger and other free roaming wildlife of Kanha.  

Tiger at Kanha National Park