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Navneet Maheshwari, Wildlife Photographer and Traveller

Born to Smt Chitra Devi ji and Sh Mukund Das ji of Malpani family of Jabalpur on 31st of October 1971 I was named Navneet a Sanskrit word for butter. Malpani family is a well-known business and philanthropic family of Central India with interest in Refractory manufacturing, construction, education, finance and agriculture / seed processing. Our family follow Vaishnavism sect and is part of Maheshwari community. My better half Suniti is my biggest supporter and backbone. I have 2 sons Vibhav and Prabhav.

Nature and all creation of God always intrigued me and that helped me nurture wildlife photography as hobby. Which, in turn added travelling as an important part required to visit the natural heritage spread over the world. I started wildlife photography in my early 30’s but went on to grab many awards and acceptances in the genre. Business and my hobby helped me in travelling across the globe which can be seen by stamps on my passport.
I started a Eco Friendly wildlife resort in Kanha National Park - Kanha Village Eco Resort, the famous Tiger reserve of Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of its kind of resort in India and offers ethnic mud houses with all modern amenities to make your stay in Kanha a perfect and memorable one. I have also started a tour company for wildlife Eco tourism - Stripes Holidays which only deals with Eco friendly responsible tours in wilderness areas around the globe.
I am a Vaishnav, follower of Lord Vishnu and his avataars, Hindu and Vegetarian. A business personal by profession, wildlife photographer and traveller by hobby and nature lover by heart I present here before you all some articles based on my experiences. Hope you will enjoy them.

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Address:  D. B. Vallabh Das Palace, 1288,
                 Hanuman Tal, Jabalpur (MP)
                 INDIA 482002

Tiger at Kanha National Park
Tiger in Kanha National Park

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