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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Camping essentials - What you need to carry when going outdoors

Planning a camping trip, confused as to what to pack for your adventure? Here is a list to guide you all the way through. 

Camping has caught up very fast being one of the most adventurous holiday experiences. When planning a camping trip one thing we always have in mind is as to what we need to pack. Here we are providing a list of essentials you should not forget to make your trip a great success and memorable one. 

This checklist has been especially made keeping camping in forested areas in mind but can be used in all kind of camping trip be it backpacking, hiking or any outdoor adventure trip. Remember, carry only the best quality items as at most camping destinations you will not get a chance to purchase or replace anything. 

Prepare a list of all things needed for your camping trip with help of this guide. It is always good to prepare everything in advance, understand your equipment well beforehand. 

1. Camping tent

Most important thing you need is a good camping tent. If you are travelling to a place with extreme climatic conditions do keep that in mind and purchase a good tent which can with stand heavy rain, cold or windy situations, should be easy to set up, light weight and ventilated.   

2. Sleeping gear 

You need a good night’s sleep so your sleeping gear should be very comfy. In winters it is best to carry sleeping bags which can keep you warm, should be water resistant and comfortable. In summers you can just use sleeping bag liners which are easy to carry and use vey less packing space. You can also carry a light blanket. 

3. Camping Roll Mat

Carry a roll mat which is light weight and comfortable. At times you may have to pitch your tent on hard surface. These will keep you comfortable as well as work as insulation in cold winters.  

4. Lighting

We recommend you carry a good torch as well as camping lantern. A head lamp is a very good option. Do check for the battery life. 

5. Cooking Gear

No matter where you are or where you go, certainly good, tasty food is very essential to keep you healthy and going. Pack strong light cooking gear, a camping stove, cooking gas, cooking pots, chopping knife, cutlery set, bowls / plates and mugs. Do carry a lighter / flint stick to start camp fire. 

Take a good storage box and zip liners to keep your food safe. We suggest vegetarian food if you are going for a long trip as they are easy to keep safe and last long. Also, carry enough water and juice. 

6. Camping Electronic Gear

An action camera and a DSLR are sure essentials when we talk about any holiday as photography help us in keeping our memories. A cell phone with GPS and good battery life, a power bank preferably solar one, rechargeable batteries, a GPS if you are going to off the beaten track destination, chargers are few things you should not miss in any conditions. Keep a portable solar battery charging kit if you are going out for a long trip. 

7. Survival / Safety kit

Although it sounds unnecessary but you should always carry a survival kit and survival hand book when travelling outdoors especially if you are visiting forested / wilderness area. A camping knife, compass, map, emergency whistle, emergency blanket, sewing kit, Dry / zip lock bags, torch / head torch, Duck tape, water bottle and water purifier are some important things you should always have when going outdoors. If you are planning to go to a wilderness area it is always advisable to carry some good safety equipment like a knife and pepper spray. Emergency survival kit and life jacket are a good addition always.   

8. Medical Essentials 

Do carry you medical details and medicines along with some basic medical needs especially insect / mosquito repellant. Some basic medicines for aches and pains, scratches, insect stings, sun screen, rehydrating salts are a must when going outdoors. Also, do keep a first aid kit. 

8. Personal Items

Some personal gear like cloths, travel towel, books, entertainment or activity material and like should be packed. A Poncho / umbrella should be kept if it’s rainy season. If you have space you can carry foldable table and chair as well. 

List can be expanded as per your own experience or guidance from die hard camping travelers. But, we are sure above will be good enough and make your holiday experience a memorable one. At many destinations you have especially developed camping sites; if you are using one do check as to what all is available since it will enable you to carry less.

Enjoy Camping!!!