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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kanha National Park

Tiger at Kanha National Park

Planning a Tiger safari is not an easy task with places like Siberia to Indonesia, China and India on the list. Each of these tiger countries is different culturally and geographically so give an altogether different experience. With snow and icy cold winds of Siberia to tropical climate in India you can experience the diverse habitat where Tigers live.

I haven’t been to other countries for tiger safari but with what I have learnt and heard from other travelers India seems to be the best place for tiger safari. It is good not only for watching wildlife and tiger but also enjoying the diverse culture and especially tribal culture. The most famous national parks in central India are in state of Madhya Pradesh which also has large number of tribal population and they are around these NP areas only.

Kanha National Park and Tiger reserve is one of the most famous of the lot along with Bandhavgarh and Ranthambhore NP’s. Thousands of Tourists and wildlife enthusiasts come here to see wildlife and enjoy nature at its best. Sal and Bamboo forests and grasslands known as Maidans locally are excellent habitat for Tiger and other wildlife. It is here that Mogli, Sher Khan and other characters of famous Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling got shape. This famous forest tract also known as Kanha Landscape was the inspiration behind The Jungle Book and has helped understand Indian wildlife in many scientific studies including George Schaller’s.

For tourists this park is open from 16th October till 30th June every year. You can see the wildlife on Gypsy safari’s and on elephant back if tiger show is announced. Now the forest department has come up with a new scheme known as ‘Patrolling the Tiger land’ wherein you can get a chance to stay inside the park in huts made for the guards and see the forest and its inhabitants on foot. This is allowed in few areas and designated tracks open for tourists. This is not only pollution free way of enjoying trip to forest but also an experience in itself but surely this is not for week hearted once as chances of face to face encounter with wild animals although exciting is also dangerous. Only the very well trained and accustomed people should try to take this way of wildlife viewing on foot.

When on trip to Kanha national park you can stay at the forest rest house or MP tourism hotels which are in the core area or many privately owned once which are scattered in the Buffer region. Here you can get accommodation available for as low as 500/= INR to 60,000/= INR. Some good places to stay here are Kanha Village Eco Resort, Kipling Camp, Banjar Tola and Singinawa resort at the higher end and for low and medium end Chandan Motel, Panther resort, Mridu Kishore resort and Krishna jungle resort are good choices. Most of these hotels and resorts will also help to arrange for safaris on Gypsy.

It is advisable to reach here with advance booking in main holiday seasons of Dushraa and Dipawali (October / November), New Year (20th December to 7th January) and Holi (March). If you are a photography enthusiast try to plan somewhere in April when the hot day time increases the chances of wildlife viewing and photography. For further details on Kanha NP you can check

Spotted Deer herd at Kanha National Park

Gaur (Indian Bison) at Kanha National Park

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