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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tiger found dead at Kanha National Park

One male tiger of around 10 - 12 years was found dead near Khapa gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve. The forest department has atributed the tiger death to territorial fight as usual. As per information villager saw this tiger lying and informed the forest dpartment of same. On reaching the site the officials found that the tiger had died a couple of days back. Initial reports suggest that the death may be due to infighting as the tiger has been found dead with a deep wound around the neck said the forest officials.

But as per the rumours floating within the villagers this tiger had killed a local villagers cow and in retalliation this tiger was poisoned but it could not be skinned as the forest department got information of dead tiger and patrolling party reached the spot.

We will come to know of exact reasoning for tiger death only after PM report is published. As on now the tiger has been burnt as per tradition of the department.

Navneet Maheshwari,

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