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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rejuvenating Wildlife Holiday

Come, Celebrate Nature, Celebrate Life............

Getting up with chirping of birds and slight breeze flowing from the forest carrying nature’s smell and fresh oxygen, is an experience very few get to enjoy. Our modern city life has made us so busy that many of us especially our children have not even experienced the beauty of nature with which once we used to live and grow. Our life has become so stressed with work and running around to save time for further work that we have no time left for our children, our parents and even god. We have computers and they say whole world has become so small but isn’t it amazing that we don’t even know who our neighbors are or we get a chance to enjoy those beautiful flowers hanging on the branch just outside our window. Our culture is entwined around nature and ‘Sanatana’ religion believes that god and nature are one. But we don’t have time to either enjoy nature or to know god more intimately.

One of the good ways to enjoy your time with your family is to have a holiday in a wildlife reserve. Be rest assured this wilderness holiday will be a perfect break for you and your family from the monotonous daily routine as well as give you enough time to spend together. Nature is the best healer – you must have heard it so many times but rarely got a chance to experiment this phrase. Now, plan a trip to any famous or not so famous wildlife destination like Kanha or Pench national park. Normally tourists visiting these national parks and Tiger reserves are here for wildlife excursions on vehicles and this is what even you must have thought. But, here is the clinch; plan a holiday which is different.

Yes, taking morning safari excursions and planning evenings for walks, tribal village visits, just sitting under trees and having a chit chat and other like activities will help you in spending more time with your family. Or maybe the other way round, use your mornings for walks or at leisure and evenings for safaris in the national park. This also has an advantage; you get more time for family and friends and while enjoying the natural heritage of the tiger reserve. Do some Yoga and meditate under any tree around in the lap of nature. At the end of your holiday you will see that you have not only renewed all your family ties but this relaxed holiday time you have spent has also de-stressed you making you ready to face the hectic life again with improved energy.


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