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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Naina - The one with beautiful eyes

Kanha national park is one of the best place to spot tigers and other wildlife. Floras and fauna of Kanha is second to none. Most tourists visit Kanha to spot tigers and one of the rarest deer species - Hard ground Swamp deer, commonly known as Barasingha, which is endemic to these forests.

Certainly spotting a tiger in the wild is an experience in itself but think how it would be when you get to spot tigress with small, cuddly cubs. Yes, that is the most memorable, lifetime experience. Here are a few photographs of one of the most beautiful tigress of Kanha - Naina also known as Link 8 female and T 76. Here T 76 is the name given by forest department for her identification and Link 8 is the area she normally frequents.

Naina - also known as T 76 and Link 8 Female

Naina is a very bold tigress and can be spotted lazing around in grass or walking on the road. We had been fortunate enough to have seen her a few times. Once she gave a sudden appearance and came on road, calling her cubs. We were with her for almost 1.5 Km's.

Naina - on a walk 

Naina is a first time mother and a very careful one. Although her cubs are around 4 - 5 months now but she rarely comes out with them. In last few months she has given an appearance with her cubs only a couple of times and we were fortunate enough to have seen her with all 4 cubs on one such occasion.

One of Naina's cub

She has Neelam on one side and Mindidadar female on other and both of them have cubs. A few male tigers also roam and overlap her territory. Keeping this in mind she keeps her cubs in safe place and she will have to continue this for another 2 years and wait till her cubs are grown up and ready to face the world.

Portrait shot of Naina - T 76. 

Naina or T 76 it seems will be able to raise her cubs well if she remains careful and we hope we will be able to see the young once getting bigger and crafting out their own territory in some time.

Photo credit: All photographs have been clicked by Navneet Maheshwari, Owner Kanha Village Eco Resort

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