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Monday, May 27, 2013

Rejuvenate and revitalize at Kanha

Yoga, Meditation and Rejuvenation at Kanha

India is a renowned destination for yoga, meditation, spirituality, rejuvenation and associated tourism. People from whole world visit holy places like Haridwar, Benaras, Jabalpur, etc., to get together and understand God and Indian philosophy of life from the famous Gurus. Scriptures tell us to leave all luxury, lead a simple life with only basic facilities to know and reach God within and around. Do ‘Tapa’ by meditating on self or / and on things around, serve the sick and deprived and do your Karma to your best. Most of the Ashrams are either in isolated forest areas or near water bodies with difficult approach. With today’s hectic and stressful life number of people looking for inner peace has gone up many times making most of the well known Ashrams and destinations overcrowded and commercialized.

Places with natural surroundings are best to revitalize yourself with Yoga, meditation and spiritual healing. We need to stay at places which are near nature, with simple food and perform your Tapa. I feel Kanha national park is one such destination. Why Kanha, well you have all the required ingredients here, proximity with nature, serene atmosphere, tribal and underprivileged people to help and work for (the best way to please God), peace and tranquility which is incomparable. The environment around Kanha is so quiet and comforting that you can do yoga, meditate and understand natural world in a much better way which makes it easy to reach your goal. Remember, one of the best ways to understand God is to understand nature, contemplate on your karmas and improve on them besides serving the poor.

At Kanha Tiger Reserve you can go for Gypsy safaris to enjoy the wilderness and its inhabitants including the mighty Tiger – vehicle of Goddess. Jungle walk or Cycling in Buffer zone to experience and understand nature, get massage done from a local masseur or just relax and meditate. These activities along with, fresh air, pure water and serenity of the area facilitate your rejuvenation and revitalization.

Just leave behind today’s stressful life for some time and let your body and mind renew and recuperate itself. You can visit old temples, tributaries of River Narmada or Narmada itself. Activities like nature / wildlife photography, sketching, painting, writing about yourself, your experiences or a novel, singing or playing pleasing instrument like flute or guitar which harmonize with local surroundings help you discover your inner self, lets you speak your mind out and thus help you progress in all phases of life.


When and where is a big question since most hotels in Kanha are commercial and full of general and wildlife tourists? Well just chose an accommodation provider which is not on the main road, to keep you away, from the cluttered day to day life and general tourists. A property which can offer fresh and healthy vegetarian food, has a good library, along with tranquil jungle atmosphere. Plan your trip for a week or a month as time permits keeping in mind to avoid prime tourism season like mid December to 1st week of January when Kanha is overflowing with tourists.

Want to prepare for a spiritual and rejuvenating trip to Central India, just do not think, plan and reach for a better and healthier life.


Come, Celebrate Nature, Celebrate Life.


Author: Navneet Maheshwari is a nature lover by heart, wildlife photographer by hobby and business person by profession. He is a Pushtimargiya Vaishnava and believes, to know and reach God lead a simple life, help ill and poor to become better and improve our Karmas. A passionate wildlifer he does his bit for conservation and has been appointed as Special Officer, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Ministry of Environment & Forest, New Delhi.

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